Preparing a paddock for Oats

Its no secret that at Marie Stud we are passionate about farming with our Draught Horses. When preparing a paddock for seed we used a 4 step process with our horses – ploughing, discing, scarifying and seeding.


The paddock was ploughed with ‘Hank’ and ‘Will.’ Ploughing turns the upper layer of soil over. The primary benefit of this is to bury the weeds/previous crops and pasture allowing it to break down while bringing fresh nutrients to the top soil. 1716



The paddock was disced with the use of ‘Hank’, ‘Will’ and ‘Clyde.’ All three horses are registered Australian Draught Horses. Discing cuts and breaks up the large lumps and clods of soil that has been turned by the plough.





The paddock was then scarified with ‘Hank’, ‘Will’ and ‘Clyde’ to further prepare the seed bed.



Oats were placed in the Mitchell Seed Drill and with the use of ‘Hank’ and ‘Will’ the paddock was seeded.

scarifingmitchell seed dril

seed drill

seed drill sunset

It is no surprise that the process of preparing and seeding a paddock with horses takes longer than the modern day tractors. For us, it is more abut the passion of working and preserving the use of horses than how fast things can be done.

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