The Australian Draught Horse

What is an Australian Draught Horse?

The Australian Draught Horse was bred specifically by settlers to suit the Australia’s harsh climate and conditions. They were used in colonial and later times for agricultural work, pulling, transportation and forestry. Many can still be found doing such work today.

Australian Draught’s have the influences of the major draught horse breeds, Percherons, Shires, Begians, Suffolk Punch and Clydesdales. They were bred to be hardy animals with minimal health issues. Such as:

Minimal feathering around the legs and hooves meaning that the horses are less prone to itch. A reduction of white, especially around the nose and eyes meaning the horse is less susceptible to cancer and sunburn.

They were also bred to be good workhorses with a quiet friendly temperament and willingness to work.

Why own an Australian Draught Horse?

If you are looking for a hardy horse who has a good temperament and is willing to work – look no further than the Australian Draught.

With the strict classification criteria of the Australian Draught Horse Stud Book Society you know you are getting a quality bred heavy draught horse.

Australian Draught Horses At Marlie Stud

At Marlie Stud we bred to the Australian Draught Horse standards. Our horses have the influences of the Suffolk Punch, Belgian, Shire and Percheron heavy horse breeds. We bred from quality working mares and stallions who have a good temperament and have a smart intellect. Our many foals are proven to be great workhorses and are superior in bone, width, strength and temperament.

Alyssa from Discover the Horse filmed Marlie Stud’s Australian Draught Horses. The link can be found here.