Draught Horse Pull

Marlie Stud has enjoyed great success in Draught Horse Pull competitions across NSW.

The Draught Horse Pull is enjoyed in many country shows and allows the horses to demonstrate their strength and capability. In NSW, Draught Horse Pulling Competitions compete to the rules of the Australian Draught Horse Stud Book Society. Heavy Horse Pulling competitions involve a single or pair of horses pulling a weighted sled over a 5m distance. In NSW, single horse pulling is the most popular form of competition. The starting weight in the open competition is 750kg with weight increasing with every successful pull. Past horses have pulled over 2000kg. The rules as stated in the Australian Draught Horse Stud Book Society allows horses to have two attempts to pull the load, however strict rules are in place to ensure horses are not injured or subject to cruelty.

Marlie Banjo is Marlie Stud’s current unbeaten pulling champion.

For any information on the Draught Horse Pull or upcoming shows contact Aleks on 0457 954 447.


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Banjo Gunnedah Show Pull 2018